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Formulating epoxy, polyurethane and latex materials

Development and sale of elastomers in the following areas:

Development and sale of foams in the following areas:

Polyurethane moulding

We have 16 high-pressure machines with a flow ranging from 2 g/s (120 g/min) to 2 kg/s (120 kg/min). This workshop is backed up by a team specialising in developing materials (lab) and methods.

Associated services:

Reservoirs made of (fibre) composites

Sales of reservoirs with a capacity of 24 L and 54 L - type IV - 700 bar

Development of 64 L reservoirs – 700 bar, for 2017


A type IV cylinder for GPL of the kind used in barbecues has been approved in accordance with the EN 14427 standard, and hydrogen cylinders (700 bar) produced in collaboration with Optimum CPV have been approved to the EC 792009 standard.